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My love for gadgets ultimately led me to softwares and applications both on phone and computers. I’ve always had the urge to create. I like the feeling of walking by and seeing something i helped build or create and i have as much joy when the client or customer is happy witht the job.

I have always been fascinated by fictional and super hero movies and pictures. The same fascination is what led me to photoshop. The feeling of being able to manipulate a picture or create a totally different image or art from joining multiple image, compositing them into something great is amazing. I started out strictly as a photo manipulator but as good as that felt, i kinda wanted more. I wanted to help businesses, share ideas with co workers so i dived into corporate or should i say business graphics. Logos, banners, covers and all sorts.

Before my love for photoshop though, i learnt how to make websites (wordpress) and that has given me satisfaction to a good extent and it was always a good a idea to add graphics design to the skill set.

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